Day: 27 September 2018

It can be quite a hassle and stressful when you are trying to arrange a child’s birthday party regardless of the age group. Entertaining children is very hard work especially if the kids are very energetic. You might need to find activities where you will be able to entertain everyone and keep the food coming too!Although there are many new electronic activities available and children love playing with these gadgets, it is nice to get the children away from them. Having the children get involved with traditional games will be fun and exciting as they get the hang of it. If you want to have the kids entertained, you can always hire children entertainers Sydney team. Or you can just arrange other activities that the kids will be more absorbed in.

Here are a few ideas for a kid’s party that is easy to arrange and are considered great birthday party entertainment:

Blowing up balloons – You can have the long balloons inflated and then twist them into different shapes such as animals and things. You can hire modellers who will make something customised for each and every kid.

Face painting – Kids love painting and having the paint on their face is very thrilling. You can transform the face of one child to a butterfly, or a superhero or even animals. Ensure that the face painting that you get hold of is hypoallergenic and water-based which will not be harmful for kids.

Mime artists – If you are able to hire a mime artist, you will know that a child will be glued to watching this performance as they are of pure imagination and lots of actions.

Mobile petting zoo – Letting children experience animals from a mobile petting zoo can be fun. There are some skunks, spiders, lizards and even meerkats that will be brought along to the party so that you can meet them and even get to touch them. You will also get to take photographs.

Prima ballerina – If your daughter loves ballerina and wants to become one, why not have a professional ballerina dancer grace the occasion and also let the child know that they will be taking part in a ballet classes. You can have the prima ballerina even give a five-minute performance to keep the children glued to their seats.

Magicians – Magicians are a crowd favourite regardless of the age groups. Let the children watch the performance and try to conjure the same tricks afterwards.
So it is time to start brainstorming and get ready for the party planning.